Licensed Customs Clearance


GFS provides nationwide customs clearance service for air, ocean and road freight shipments.  we are consistently able to offer reliable and compliant services to our clients. Our experienced staff ensures shipments clear quickly and efficiently through customs online systems and at the port of entry. We are able to assist and expedite the most challenging shipments to ensure a seamless customs clearance process.

GFS’s dedicated border, seaport and airport offices with round-the-clock service ensures the shipments are cleared on time and avoids unnecessary delays and demurrages. Our vast and in-depth knowledge of duty-exemptions and temporary clearance options allows to maximize clients’ savings. Compliance is never an added service for our clients, it’s ingrained in our company culture and operations, to the benefit of our clients. We are dedicated to provide our clients with comprehensive and compliance-focused customs clearance services and solutions.

Making this service more relevant, we pay special attention to all the details involved in the customs clearance process and ensure that our operations team is updated with new laws and regulations and provide advices to customers, assisting them to comply with tariffs, as well as export Consignment Clearance. We facilitate shipment of Import and Exports in the shortest possible time span.


  • General Goods Clearance
  • Health and Medical Goods Clearance
  • Temporary Import and Export Clearance
  • Dangerous Goods Clearance
  • Livestock Clearance
  • Temporary Import and Export Clearance
  • Duty Exemption Clearance
  • On-Board Courier Clearance
  • Cross-Border Clearance (Origin and Destination)
  • Transit Clearance

Why Us!

We  offer customized solutions to all of our clients our team of dedicated professionals ensure end-to-end solutions for both Import Customs Clearance and Export Customs Clearance in the most cost-effective manner.